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The Uyghur Rights Monitor (URM) is a new project founded by Uyghur researchers who are personally and professionally invested in investigating Uyghur rights issues. URM aims to increase access to reliable evidence of the Chinese government’s human rights abuses against Uyghurs and other Turkic groups and support efforts to hold perpetrators accountable. The URM publishes a series of briefs on the dimensions of the Uyghur genocide and the agencies behind the planning, decision-making, implementation, and whitewashing of the genocide in the Uyghur region.
Who we are

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Our primary objective is to shed light on the Uyghur human rights crisis, ensuring that the world is cognizant of the challenges faced by this community in East Turkistan (Xinjiang)


Through our research initiatives, we aim to provide credible and comprehensive insights.


We are committed to producing insightful and impactful reports on Uyghur human rights.


We are dedicated to sharing breaking news, updates, and in-depth analysis about Uyghurs.

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