Agencies Behind the “Re-education” Camps

Agencies Behind the “Re-education” Camps

Executive Summary

The close examination of the mechanisms behind the “re-education” camps reveals that the mass detention campaign was a region-wide systematic set of policies that took place in close coordination between the CPC, XPCC, the People’s Government, and private and state-owned enterprises. CPC Xinjiang was primarily responsible for the decision-making processes behind the “re-education” camps by controlling top-level agencies such as the Xinjiang Political and Legal Affairs Commission and directing local-level party secretaries to coordinate between different departments. The CPC used the Xinjiang People’s Government and its Justice Department to legitimize and legalize the re-education camps through the amendment of new laws and regulations. Subdivisions such as the Health Commission and Education Bureau, among others, of the XPCC and the People’s Government supported the on-ground operations of “re-education” camps.

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